Stories about six different artists.

My role:
︎︎︎Working with photographers, stylists and set designers to execute photoshoots.  
︎︎︎ Designing spreads to be printed and sold online. 

Selected Spreads
︎︎︎Feature 01: Hollow Sinatra
︎︎︎Feature 02: Kat Sours

︎︎︎Feature 03: William Alan Harris

︎︎︎Feature 04: Ben Krueger
︎︎︎Feature 05: Romulus Wolf
︎︎︎Feature 06: Joseph Olusola Edgar


Graphic design: Isaac Grothe  photography: Nick Thomsen photo assistance: Andrew Dixon and Ben Leahy styling: Daniela Guevara set design: Daphne Colson set design assistant: Laila Ibrahim writing: Leila Scott and Daniela Guevara website: Andrew Goodridge

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