25/8 Magazine

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Editorial, Print, Web

What is 25/8?
A magazine created to celebrate the work of student artists in the local Savannah, GA area. The magazine is designed to reflect the unique aesthetic inclinations of each artist. By deliberately approaching each feature without a pre-determined system, we were allowed to fully explore and honor the artist’s work. 

My role:
I took on roles as editor and graphic designer. My duties:
︎︎︎Work with photographers, stylists and set designers to execute photoshoots.
︎︎︎ Conduct interviews and work with writers to create stories for each editorial.
︎︎︎ Design spreads to be printed and sold in limited quantity online. 
︎︎︎ Work with a web designer to create a site on which to sell the magazine

Selected Spreads
︎︎︎Feature 01: Hollow Sinatra
︎︎︎Feature 02: Kat Sours

︎︎︎Feature 03: William Alan Harris

︎︎︎Feature 04: Ben Krueger
︎︎︎Feature 05: Romulus Wolf
︎︎︎Feature 06: Joseph Olusola Edgar

Printed copies


editor, graphic design: Isaac Grothe  photography: Nick Thomsen photo assistance: Andrew Dixon and Ben Leahy styling: Daniela Guevara set design: Daphne Colson set design assistant: Laila Ibrahim writing: Leila Scott and Daniela Guevara website: Andrew Goodridge

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